When the clock strikes midnight, reach for your darkest, most dramatic lipstick and channel Taylor Swift. The musician, who continues to promote her latest album Midnights and the forthcoming Eras Tour, just released the video for the single “Lavender Laze” and she’s definitely leaning all the way in to the romantic goth beauty trend.

In the opening scenes of the video, we see a more stripped-down Swift laying in bed with her partner. He’s snoozing soundly but she’s wide awake, wearing a subtle purple-gray eye to match the tone of the video; her hair is long and straight with her signature bangs perfectly in place. As the titular lavender haze begins to fill the room, Swift transforms.

First, we see the star in a purple Mongolian lamb coat and matching sparkly purple smoky eye with her hair in ’70s singer-songwriter waves, and then she submerges herself completely in purple-tinted waters, meant to symbolize the early stages of love and bliss. Her hair is soaked, but her dark burgundy lipstick looks pristine, as does her pale lilac shadow and deep black eyeliner. It’s glam. It’s romance. It’s a little bit goth. It’s a great look for Swift; she’s a big red lipstick fan, but doesn’t often wear a richer, darker red. When the video ends, Swift is again seen as her more stripped-down self wearing just a hint of eye makeup and undone waves and floating on clouds of romantic joy.

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