I don’t watch a single minute of sports, but despite that, my feeds have been full of Taylor Swift, her apparent new love interest, Travis Kelce, and various football references that I simply do not understand. However, what I do know about is beauty, so of course I was tuned in to Swift’s latest lesson on how to wear a dad hat without making your hair look absolutely silly. 

On October 3, Swift was spotted in New York City wearing an oversized graphic T-shirt with bicycle shorts and her white hat with the phrase “still here” embroidered on the front. Though her cap covered her forehead, you can still see the tips of her blonde bangs right above her black sunglasses. The rest of her hair was left in loose, tousled waves that cascaded to her chest. 

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Given the loose curls, we wonder if Swift plopped the cap on freshly washed hair or if she braided her hair the night before and left it in overnight to achieve these waves. Alternatively, she could have used a texturizing spray for her loose crimps.  

Despite the casual look, Swift couldn’t completely part with her signature red lip. She opted for a bright shade that looked almost orange in some photos. 

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