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Welcome to March, Taurus. At the end of February, you had the courage to ask for what you want out of love, thanks to the help of messenger Mercury. But the planet of communication has more gifts to offer your personal life, mainly the courage to express what you want and accept change. On Thursday, March 2, Mercury enters Pisces and your 11th House of Friendship. As a result, in early March, you can expect to grow closer to some old friends, make new ones, and implement firm boundaries if anyone disrespects yours. 

With the knowledge that friends have your back, romantic love becomes more manageable as you feel more secure, Taurus. Tuesday, March 7, brings a full moon in Virgo and your 5th House of Pleasure. While this transit often refers to sex, as these lunations are primal times, considering the other planetary influences, this full moon may refer to the joy fulfilling friendships bring, continuing themes above. Also, on Tuesday, March 7, Saturn enters Pisces and your 11th House of Friendship after spending the last three years in Aquarius. Thanks to the expansive and generous nature of Pisces and the influence of Saturn, which is all about rules, this transit sees you saying goodbye to crappy friends and welcoming new communities. 

But, Taurus, if you’re reading this hoping to hear something romantic, fear not. The stars don’t forget about your love and sex life. When your ruling planet, pretty Venus, enters your sign on Thursday, March 16, love comes easily. If you’re in a relationship, you’re getting along better than ever with your partner. And, if you’re single, asexual, or not dating at the moment, remember that Venus rules all forms of love. So whether you’re laughing with a lover or best friend, you won’t feel alone. 

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The sun enters confident Aries on Monday, March 20. Frankly, after emotional Pisces season, you’re grateful for the assertive influence of the fire sign Aries. The start of Aries season also marks the Spring Equinox, a celebration of joy, abundance, and creativity. So, if you desire to get ahead at work, or put more energy into a passion project, do so on Tuesday, March 21. This date brings a new moon in Aries. Because dark new moons mark new beginnings, this is a bountiful time to set intentions, especially around professional goals. 

And it looks like what you asked for may come your way. On Thursday, March 23, Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, enters Aquarius and your 10th House of Social Status, where it will primarily stay through 2044.  Early on, it retrogrades back to Capricorn a few times, but this transit into Aquarius sets the tone for the next two decades. Pluto is a generational planet, meaning that it takes between 12 and 31 years to change signs. You are entering a new phase of your life, Taurus, one that bodes well for your career. While no astrologer can promise cash in your economy, with the transformative planet in your 10th House, you can expect your fame (and attention) to skyrocket. Enjoy the star blessings, and see you next month. 

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