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Welcome to September, Taurus. Are you excited for fall yet, beloved stargazers? During August, the rebel planet Uranus went retrograde in your sign, asking you to say to challenge yourself. This month, you primarily see yourself doing that through having a good time. It sounds crazy, but even for luxurious earth signs like you, society can inflict guilt surrounding pleasure.

Your ruling planet, pretty Venus, has been retrograde since July. While Venus was retrograde, you may have felt some nostalgia. As if the ongoing Mercury retrograde didn’t make this tricky enough, you may have found yourself wrapped up in memories of former lovers, even if you’re over them. When the planet goes direct on SundaySeptember 3, any odd obsessions or lighten. As a result, you’re more in the present, and your social life gets busier through dating or meeting cool new people in your professional or creative circles.

Because the next day, on Monday, September 4, Jupiter, the lucky planet of expansion, goes retrograde in your sign, Taurus. Yes, it’s true that astrologers can’t promise money in this economy, but let’s have some fun. Jupiter’s retrograde isn’t so much associated with adverse effects, like Venus’s or Mercury’s. Rather, it can help reveal riches earned through the slow and steady approach. This retrograde sees you making strides in your professional life or passion projects, although you might just finally be noticing them. If, one day, you look around and think, “Damn, I made it,” remember that it didn’t happen overnight. You’re a grounded earth sign who works at your own pace. Any advances, awards, or admiration you experience around this time are worth celebrating but know that you’ve been working towards these milestones your entire life.

Do you have any anxieties, guilty feelings, or hangups around making money, a.k.a. getting paid what you deserve? Vesta, the “asteroid of spirituality,” enters loving Cancer and your 2nd House of Possessions on Wednesday, September 13, and asks you to drop the act and save the guilt for billionaires. And, if you are a billionaire reading this, please start paying your employees much more. Please and thank you.

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