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It’s April, Taurus, and you know what that means. Your season begins this month, and yes, you can celebrate your birthday the entire time. The only question is, how do you wish to honor your solar return? Your ruling planet is luxurious Venus, which rules love, beauty, and abundance. You’re an earth sign who appreciates pleasure, whether that’s time with friends, quality skincare products, champagne, or all of the above. So, please don’t pretend you don’t want to acknowledge your birthday. You’ll only feel lonely and blue, so the stars insist you do something, even if it’s ultra low-key. 

The sun may still be in Aries early in the month, but on Monday, April 3, the communication planet Mercury enters your sign, Taurus. Use this transit to reflect on how you want to celebrate yourself and then relay that information to your loved ones. In order to get what you want, you have to know what you want. There’s a bold full moon in Libra, a sign which shares your ruling planet, Venus, on Wednesday, April 5Full moons can be chaotic and lead to drama, but they also mark culminations. As a result, this is an ideal night for meditating on how you want to spend your birthday, in addition to practicing self-care routines such as taking a long bath or allowing yourself plenty of sleep

You’ll be thankful for the rest because when your ruling planet, Venus, enters chatty Gemini and your 2nd House of Possessions on Monday, April 10, the stars bless you with networking opportunities, Taurus. Unfortunately, the economy is far too screwed up for astrologers to promise money. Still, even before the sun enters your sign, opportunities for growth, especially regarding professional or passion projects, may start to fall into your lap. 

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Venus’s transit into Gemini, mentioned above, likely brings social invitations, and soon, it’s your birthday season, which will also see you busy, but there is one night best spent relaxing at home. Wednesday, April 19, brings a new moon and solar eclipse in intense Aries. Eclipses are beautiful cosmic occurrences, but they’re also messy. If full moons can start drama, eclipses can cause fights and outright paranoia. Don’t worry. This is no reason to panic; it’s just a nice, astrologer-approved excuse to rest up for your birthday and binge-watch your current TV obsession. 

Then, get ready to pop bottles and eat some cake because Taurus season begins on Thursday, April 20. Remember, you don’t have to do anything wild, and it’s probably not the best time to expect ultra-expensive presents, but please remember to celebrate yourself in some way, Taurus. After years of pandemic, protest, and economic fallout, you deserve some good old-fashioned fun. Just be careful not to text your ex when Mercury goes retrograde in your sign starting on Friday, April 21. You’ve been through many Mercury retrogrades, there’s no reason to worry, but allow for extra travel time (you don’t want to be too late for your own party), and, if you must sign any important documents, triple-read the fine print. Have a blast, happy birthday, and we’ll see you in May. 

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