If there’s one thing I’ll remember about the year 2023, it might just be the resurgence of the French manicure. OK, so the classic nail trend never really goes away, but this year celebs embraced the French tips in a way that hasn’t been seen since the Y2K era.

One such celebrity is SZA, who attended the WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards in New York City wearing a set of chunky French tips alongside her black and white collared dress. The nails in question were shaped into a long squares with a cutout dip in the center of the nail and painted with a bright, eye-catching thick white tip. It appears she may have added a tiny hint of nail art to one nail, but until she drops detail shots (c’mon, SZA!) I’ll be over here zooming in as close a possible to see the mani from every angle. It’s a classic French mani, but it just hits in such a good way; sometimes the simplest looks make the biggest impact!

SZA poses in a black dress with a white collar. She wears her hair in curls and has a French manicure.Getty Images

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