Of all of the benefits that come with being famous, I think having tattoo artists come to wherever you are — as opposed to going to a studio — may be one of the coolest. Have an itch for new ink? Just have your assistant call an artist you admire and arrange for them to bring their gear and talent to you. SZA appears to have done just that for her latest tattoo, which is both simple and meaningful.

The singer posted a short video to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, October 24, and tattoo artist Ziggy Skye shared it to their story as well. Skye normally works out of a Hollwood tattoo and piercing studio known as The Carousel, but according to their caption, they tattooed “at SZA’s LA show.”

In the clip, captioned “Stamped,” we see a gloved hand cleaning SZA’s wrist to reveal a Morse code tattoo. It may seem mysterious at first, but dot-dot-dot dash-dash-dash dot-dot-dot is one of the most well-known Morse code messages: SOS. In addition to being the universal call of distress, SZA fans know it’s also the name of her most recent album and the tour she’s currently on. 

It looks like SZA may be hinting at a bit of a personal tattoo trend with this latest addition to her collection. The placement of the Morse code SOS is right under her tattoo reading “Cntrl,” the name of her first studio album. Perhaps she’ll keep adding to her wrist ink as more albums come out in the future.


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