They say three times makes a trend, but sometimes in the beauty world, you only need to see something once to immediately realize it’s about to be big. The first time Hailey Bieber wore glazed donut nails, for example — it was a trend before it was a trend. And now it’s happening again, this time with Sydney Sweeney‘s makeup — specifically, her lipstick. We’re calling it: Tauve lip color is about to be huge.

“What the hell is tauve?” you may be asking. A great and valid question, considering we just made up the word a couple of hours ago. Tauve is a portmanteau that combines taupe and mauve. Taupe on its own tends to be a grayish tan, while mauve on its own is a pale pinkish-purple; both are lovely on their own, but together, an entirely new, chic neutral hue is born, and it’s exactly what we see on Sydney Sweeney’s lips in a new photo she posted to Instagram.

In the picture, we see the Anyone But You actor in the mirror wearing a strappy, off-white top and hoop earrings. Her long, blonde hair has just a hint of bend to it, and her matte makeup is truly flawless. The neutral tones make for a gorgeous everyday glam look, but it’s the lip color that really makes it special: not too warm, not too cool, not too brown, not too pink. Sometimes when we look at it, we see more mauve, sometimes we see more taupe, but every time, it looks perfect.

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