Lil Nas X has been a prolific beauty chameleon over the last year, especially in the hair department. He’s gone from shoulder-length twists to short knots to, notably, long braids during his runway debut at Coach’s fashion show last September. But the length of those braids is nothing compared to the hairstyle he’s showing off on Instagram.

On Wednesday, March 22, Lil Nas X posted a carousel of photos, videos, and screenshots showing how much fun he seems to be having lately. But it’s the photos bookending the series that give us a clear glimpse of what may be the longest hairstyle we’ve ever seen on the rapper. 

The first and last photo show Lil Nas X posing outside, at night, in front of cars while wearing super-wide-leg pants and a cropped, reflective jacket. The ensemble is taken to the next level by his ponytail. Starting with cornrows at the base, the pony begins high on the back of his head, cascading down in shiny straightness to the back of his knees. If it wasn’t up in a ponytail, his hair might even reach his ankles.

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