Copper, of course, isn’t going anywhere. If pink isn’t your vibe, Ice Spice’s deeper, coppered red is a little more dramatic and sexy. It’s also a simple single-process transformation, says colorist Mariah Joseph, and one that can be customized to suit any skin tone. “Note that these shades do fade quickly, so you may want to be at the salon every four to six weeks, at least for a gloss and root touch to retain vibrancy.” 

Soft Green

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If variations on blonde or copper trends make you yawn, this soft green makes more of a statement. “The key here is to emphasize the ‘antiqued’ aspect when you request this color,” says Karly Cerrone, the colorist behind Tina Leung’s perfect-for-spring green hair. “This is a softening filter for the color that makes it look more expensive and inspired by nature.” You can also fine-tune the green to your liking — more blue for a mint shade or a splash of yellow for sage. But it does require a commitment. For the green to read, says Cerrone, “your colorist will need to first bring you to a clean, pale platinum. Deeper shades of antiqued teal are an option for less bleaching.”

Golden Spritz

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