The words “Kate Middleton” and “perfect blowout” go together like, well, the royal family and tiaras. The Princess of Wales is known for her luxurious waves, but something about her most recent style is hitting different. Her hair is always photo-ready, but this style is shampoo commercial-level good.

Middleton appeared at the opening of The Young V&A at V&A Museum Of Childhood in London, England with her signature dark hair styled in her usual loosely curled blowout, but the waves were even more defined and voluminous than usual, flowing down her back like an old-school Pantene commercial. Middleton’s hair was parted to the side with a portion worn down her back and part over her shoulder to contrast against her high-necked pastel pink dress and white pumps and tone down the sweetness of the ensemble. Whoever was wielding the Dyson Airwrap for the Princess deserves to be knighted, because this is the dictionary definition of the ultimate wavy blowout. Her hair looks thick and luscious and is practically begging her to shake her head in slow-motion so each perfect wave can settle around her shoulders. If she was selling a shampoo, I’d be buying it.

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