Becoming TikTok’s favorite fashion and beauty muse was the last thing on Sofia Richie Grainge’s 2023 bingo card. But three months after her viral wedding to Elliot Grainge, the model is still riding high, and even taking on some new titles. In an interview with Allure, the newly-appointed K18 hair care ambassador shares how her POV on beauty has evolved over the years, the products she’s loving most right now, and her number one beauty tip for future brides.

YouTube was my first teacher when it came to beauty. I was addicted to those YouTube makeup tutorials, especially the eyeliner ones, which I’m still pretty bad at to this day. For years I put on way too much makeup, just kind of following what girls were doing online. Even when it comes to hair, I had my time doing blue and pink… I feel like I’ve tried it all, but Sofia is a dirty blonde. I’m not going to do anything else.

My beauty philosophy has evolved over the years into something that makes me feel my most confident. Now, it anchors a bit more on simplicity, health, and maintenance. A lot of that comes from watching my mom and sister take a more minimalistic approach to beauty. I’ve watched Nicole lean into her natural beauty over the past four or five years. I’ve been inspired by how she embraces her skin.

The model on-set for her inaugural K18 campaign.

Courtesy of K18

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