Julia Fox does things her way — it’s part of her charm! The actor and model isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, eschew the rules and experiment with her look, and we love her for it. However, she may want to hit pause on one of her beauty decisions.

Fox stopped by British Vogue to share what she carries in her Union Jack-print Mowalola bag, and one item in particular had us scratching our heads. Along with candy, tissues, a selfie light and cracked, shattered phone (relatable), Fox also carries a bottle of Gorilla Glue for beauty emergencies. “Something’s always popping off, whether it’s a nail or a veneer,” she says.

Wait a sec … is Fox implying that she uses Gorilla Glue on her nails and potentially on her teeth? OMG. Need we remind you of the time a woman used Gorilla Glue as hairspray and had to have surgery to remove the glue from her scalp?

Gorilla Glue is made with super, super adhesive polyurethane and should never be used on your body. “Gorilla Glue is meant for things, not people,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara. “The potent formulation can cause damage in short or long term to the nail. Stick with standard, nail specific adhesives in emergencies.”

Of course, Fox does have a great sense of humor, so the Gorilla Glue could just be her trolling us. (Fingers crossed.) The rest of her beauty must-haves include a cute hair bow from Claire’s; Fox is also wearing a big bow in her half-up look in the video, so she’s clearly feeling the coquettecore aesthetic. Her bag is home to Pat McGrath’s Dark Star Mascara, which she says she “can’t live without” and Isamaya Lip Lacq gloss, which causes her Instagram followers to “blow up my comments” asking what she’s wearing.

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