Beyoncé loves dropping a new album, magazine cover, or a hint (often cryptic) for a big launch without any notice. She just started her Renaissance tour, so I’ve been on alert in case she debuts a new or creative look at any second. But trust and believe that I was not prepared to see her tease a potential hair-care line. 

On May 16, Bey shared an Instagram carousel with three photos and no caption, and there are layers to this photo set. Let’s start with the first picture, which features Beyoncé curling what appears to be her natural hair using a curling iron with a tiny barrel that gave her springy coils at the front of her hair. Those curls are more defined and uniform than the rest of her hair, which is a little more textured. 

This photo has two things we rarely if ever see from Beyoncé. The first is her curls, which she does wear occasionally, and the second is her styling her own hair — to be clear, I’m not questioning her hairstyling skills. I just don’t think we have ever gotten any footage of Beyoncé doing her own hair or makeup in recent years. 

But on to the important part: In the photo, there are numerous generic-looking containers housing unidentified creams, liquids, and who knows what else on the counter in front of her. Each bottle has a white label, but it’s impossible to see what, if anything, is written on those labels. Is she testing lab samples? 

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