I was so terrified of the pain that I delayed getting a tattoo for years until I finally said screw it and got two at the same time (obviously makes a lot of sense for someone with a low pain tolerance). Since then, the tattoo itch has had me in a tight chokehold, which is how I ended up with 10 more within less than two years. I’ve been itching for a new addition to my body art, and after seeing Simone Biles‘s new hand tattoo, I’m scheduling my appointment tonight.

Biles has been in the midst of competing at the US Gymnastics Championships, returning to the sport after a two-year hiatus. She shared a few photos of her Sunday competition outfit, including her tattoo, on August 28. The Olympian has a big, wide smile — likely because of her record-breaking win that day, which made her the first gymnast to win eight US all-around titles — and you can see a hint of the tattoo at the bottom of the photo; there are two tiny butterflies etched on the lower corner of her hand, right between her thumb and index finger.

These teeny-tiny butterflies don’t look bigger than a quarter, so we can only imagine how her tattoo artist fit all the details onto such a small stretch of skin. Though this is one of the first times we’re seeing her with the tattoo, she might have gotten it as early as August 4 because she was spotted with it at a training session. They might be faint, but you can see butterflies on her hand in the photo below.

Simone Biles at a training session

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