We’ve seen quite a shift in manicure trends over the last couple of years. While nail art will never fall out of vogue, fewer celebrities have been seen with elaborate designs on each fingertip. Lengthier looks are less popular these days, as well, with some stars well-known for navigating daily tasks with talon-like nails opting for short yet chic looks. We thought we’d reached peak sweet-and-simple over the summer when it seemed like everyone was wearing milky or glazed manis on practical lengths, but Selena Gomez just let the pendulum swing almost completely in the direction of bare nails.

Nail artist Tom Bachik — Gomez’s go-to — shared a photo of her current manicure, and it makes a very strong argument for the less-is-more approach to nails. You’ve heard of a no-makeup makeup? This is no-nail-polish nail polish. You can see the multi-hyphenate’s natural tips, which are somewhat rounded and only long enough to barely extend past the end of her fingers.

The only reason you know Gomez is actually wearing any nail polish is due to the glossiness of the look. And luckily, Bachik revealed exactly which polishes he used.

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