Brr, it’s cold in here. Someone hand me a sweater, because I just got the chills after seeing Selena Gomez’s icy blue eye shadow.

While pale blue eye shadow can be intimidating, conjuring visions of the ‘80s or me in junior high applying layer upon layer of a CoverGirl shadow before a dance, Gomez’s take on the shade is chic and cool, not retro and dated. The Rare Beauty founder worked with makeup artist Avia Solomon on her glam, and the pair landed on a shimmery blue frosted eyeshadow diffused out into a subtle wing, with a hint of the same color applied to Gomez’s inner corners to elongate the eye even more. Instead of heavy liner and lashes, Solomon used just a touch of mascara on the star’s lids, barely using any at all on the lower lashes.

Solomon gave Gomez a radiant, glowing base, then sculpted her cheeks with a warm peachy bronzer, brushed up her brows and applied a similar peach lip gloss, all the better to let the statement eye shine. Sleek, middle-parted straight hair and an all-black outfit kept the vibe super modern for a luxurious evening out during Paris Fashion Week.

Selena Gomez

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