Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik regularly works with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Nicola Peltz, painting and sculpting gorgeous manicures for each individual. Our jaws practically dropped when we saw one of his most recent creations: an intricate, floral-printed set for Selena Gomez

Bachik posted a close-up picture of Gomez’s stunning floral manicure on Instagram for fans to gaze at fondly. The nails in question are a medium-length, almond-shaped set. Each tip is adorned with a different combination of florals, so each nail is its own unique creation. On top of a pitch-black base, Bachik added the individual blooms in white, blue, yellow, and purple hues. 

For example, the forefinger has a white flower and a slightly smaller blue one that covers most of the almond-shaped tip. On the other hand, three blooms of different shades adorn the middle finger — near the tip there is an ombré floral that fades from white to blue seamlessly versus the purple and yellow flowers near the cuticle. Each floral looked absolutely stunning, and Bachik decided to raise the bar even more by adding gold to the middle of each flower. The gilded accents didn’t end there, as he adorned the empty spaces of the nail with gold foil that makes this floral manicure even more fun to admire. 

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