The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, plants have shed their winter brown in favor of bright green and Selena Gomez’s nails are as pretty as a fresh new cherry blossom.

Gomez and manicurist Tom Bachik went full spring for her latest set, ditching darker tones in favor of a creamy, sheer pink American manicure, a softer twist on the traditional French mani. Gomez’s nails were shaped into gentle squovals for an equally delicate touch and covered in a barely-there, your-nails-but-better blush tone with her tips precisely painted with an airy white, not the bright, stark matte white we typically associate with a French manicure. This is because you paint over the tips with your base color to make it feel more subtle and sheer.

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Our favorite celebrities have been feeling milky, whisper-light washes of color on their nails this season, and Gomez’s manicure fits right in. (She’s also experimented with naked disco nails, neutral nails covered in glitter or gemstones for a shimmering, nude-illusion effect.) While Gomez and Bachik love a surprising nail shade, like mellow yellow and olive green, there’s just something about a classic manicure that hits the spot on a sunny day. It’s the kind of manicure you can wear anywhere and everywhere, including filming your hit Hulu TV show or sharing makeup tips on TIkTok.

The American manicure is a favorite of Bachik’s; in 2021, he shared some easy tips for nailing the look without the assistance of a celebrity pro. (Bachik’s other frequent celeb client, Jennifer Lopez, also loves a good American manicure.) To craft the soft but precise tips, Bachik says he visualizes a line down the center of the nail, then paints a “smile” on either side and cleans the arch up with a thin eyeliner brush dipped in nail polish remover. He then paints over the arches with a sheer, natural color and sets it with a topcoat. So simple! Selena Gomez, is that you?

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