As someone who keeps her nails pretty short and doesn’t have a whole lot of nail-painting talent, I’ve always felt that my proclivity for sheer, light polishes was a bit of a cop-out — especially when there have been so many bold, artsy manicure trends over the years. But recently, trends like glazed donut nails and milky (or milk bath) manicures (or a combination of both) have me feeling vindicated. I can do those! And now, I can add Selena Gomez‘s new “angel nails” to the list of manicure trends I feel confident trying.

Gomez’s go-to nail artist, Tom Bachik — who’s also the go-to nail artist of Jennifer Lopez and Margot Robbie — is responsible for the actor and entrepreneur’s new nail look, as well as the name. He shared a gorgeous shot of the manicure on Friday, June 30, which features a sheer wash of sheer, shimmery, hint-of-pink color that lets Gomez’s natural tips show through.

Bachik actually used only a gel topcoat for this look — specifically Aprés Nail Heavenly Top Gelcoat in Cherub, which comes in a set of five ethereal colors. They might have been intended for use over other colors, but Gomez’s angel nails are proof that they look stunning over otherwise bare nails.

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