Tone-on-tone makeup is a total mainstay in any makeup lover’s routine, pros and newbies alike. There’s something so simple, yet so rich and luxurious about using a similar shade on your lids, cheeks and lips, and Selena Gomez knows firsthand how impactful the aesthetic can be. Recently, the actor, singer and Rare Beauty founder took monochromatic glam to the next level by matching her manicure to her makeup.

Gomez snapped a selfie in the Rare Beauty section of her local Sephora to promote the brand’s World Mental Health Day fundraiser. (More on that below.) To promote such a worthy endeavor, Gomez pulled out all the stops with her makeup, going for a warm pink palette on her eyes, cheeks and lips and a similar shade on her nails. So let’s take it from the top, shall we? Gomez’s look starts with a filled-in, brushed-up brow, perched atop a wash of pearly golden pink eye shadow with a deeper pink shade blended in the crease to define. Next, the star added a few coats of mascara for a fluttery, piece-y effect, then brushed a similar warm peachy-pink shade on her cheekbones and upward. Gomez then applied a liner and satin lipstick to match her blush and eye shadow. 

But that wasn’t all! Her nails, too, mimicked the palette, though instead of an exact match, she opted for a shell pink hue and rounded squoval shape. Sure, it’s not a 100% dead ringer for the rest of her tone-on-tone makeup, but it’s absolutely in the same color family — a color family that just so happens to perfectly complement the Rare Beauty packaging. 

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