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Welcome to July, ScorpioDuring June, when the rule-maker planet Saturn went retrograde, you had an excuse to tap into your infamous pleasure-seeking side. July is a bit stressful, so continue incorporating self-care and satisfaction into your schedule throughout the month.

First up, get ready to put an ongoing conversation to bed during the full moon in Capricorn and your 3rd House of Communication on Monday, July 3. Full moons mark culminations. Whether you’ve been discussing your living situation with a roommate, the following steps of a relationship with a romantic partner, or negotiating your work-from-home days with your boss, you should reach an agreement around this date. 

Remember that the stars always have your best interest at heart, so however the conversation goes, as long as you stay true to yourself, you’re on the right path. The mood lightens when one of your ruling planets, fighter Mars, enters Virgo and your 11th House of Friendship on Monday, July 10. This transit wants you to have some fun with your friends. The time between now and the new moon in Cancer and your 9th House of Philosophy on Monday, July 17, is about adventures with friends. If you’re single or not dating, these good times remind you that you don’t need a romantic partner to feel loved and supported. And, if you are in a relationship, this is an excellent time to give one another space to enjoy the comfort of friends. Remember, even if you’re monogamous, expecting one person to fulfill your needs is unfair.  

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The main reason that self-care is so important this month is that Venus, ruler of love, money, and beauty, goes retrograde on Saturday, July 22 (through Sunday, September 3). During Venus’s backward dance, conversations regarding finances and relationship statuses can take longer than usual, so make sure to utilize that full moon in Capricorn earlier in the month. Additionally, as Venus rules beauty, astrologers advise against making any drastic changes to your appearance while Venus is retrograde, such as plastic surgerytattoos, or piercings. Of course, if you already have something special, be extra diligent in expressing what you want, and you’ll be fine. (This is especially true for anyone scheduled for gender-affirming surgery or any other life-saving procedure. Do not cancel over Venus retrograde, the stars are looking after you.)

On the same day that Venus goes retrograde, the sun enters Leo, and your 10th House of Social Status, kicking off Leo season on Saturday, July 22. Leo, the cat of the zodiac, is vain and proud and loves looking nice. It’s pretty perfect that Leo season beings the same day as Venus retrograde, as the sun’s transit further reminds you that by engaging in wellness routines, such as committing to skin-care ritual, enjoying summer makeup looks, and getting lots of sleep, you’ll have nothing to worry about. 

But Venus isn’t the only retrograde going down this month. On Sunday, July 23Chiron, a comet known as the “wounded healer,” also begins its backward dance, which lasts through Tuesday, December 26. Chiron retrograde is all about healing trauma, but don’t let that intimidate you. The second half of 2023 asks you to continue to take care of yourself, whether you prefer hanging out with your chosen family, an avenue of therapy, or taking as much time off work as possible. So, remember, continue to lean into pleasure, and we’ll see you in August.   

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