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Welcome to September, Scorpio. Last month, the disruptive planet Uranus went retrograde, bringing (healthy) changes within your social circle. Perhaps friends became lovers, or frenemies finally got blocked. Whatever happened was okayed by the graceful stars, and September continues to ensure that your relationships stay golden. This includes your relationship with yourself. When Venus, ruler of love, abundance, and beauty, goes direct on Sunday, September 3, allow yourself to be pampered. Let a friend take you out to dinner or accept a back massage from your partner. Do you ever find yourself turning down acts of love from others? Now that Venus is direct, the stars call you out on that protective yet often harmful reflex.

The next day, on Monday, September 4, the generous planet Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus and your 7th House of Partnership. Jupiter retrograde is all about second chances. Before you start texting your ex while dreaming of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, remember that when a Scorpio busts out the stinger and leaves a relationship, often a scorched earth policy of no return is best. It’s not that getting back together with an ex never works. It’s more likely; this retrograde asks you to prove your maturity within a relationship. Frankly, it asks you to let go of bad habits within relationships, whether it’s avoidance or rejecting love. The good news is that you find yourself ready to step up to the plate once Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom, enters Libra and your 12th House of the Unconscious on Wednesday, September 13. This transit leaves you feeling surprisingly spiritually calm, a sensation worth savoring for a chaotic water sign like yourself.

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When Thursday, September 14, brings a new moon in your Virgo and your 11th House of Friendship, you see welcome emotional growth from someone else. This could be a partner’s harsh mom finally accepting you or your best friend apologizing for some drunk, rude comment they made. The next day, the planet of communication, Mercury, ends its annoying retrograde and brings ease to conversations, making it easy to get along. As long as the offense was minor, this transit suggests it’s best to forgive. Wouldn’t you want the same from your loved ones during your journey of emotional growth?

Whether you like it or not, Scorpios tend to attract attention. You’ll likely still have plenty of social invites, but you’ll be in a cozy stay-at-home mood when Libra season begins on Friday, September 22. Perhaps this is because Libra, ruled by lovely Venus, is the sign of relationships. This doesn’t mean that you need to jump into anything for the sake of cuffing season, but it does mean that you’ll prefer a low-key potluck over a late-night rager. Between all these relationship changes, September sees you busy both at work and in any side projects, so make sure to factor in rest. You may feel especially drained around the full moon in Aries on Friday, September 29. Promise not to feel guilty for staying in and sleeping well. This lunation could leave folks feeling on edge, so it’s in your best interest to avoid getting involved in any drama. See you in October, Scorpio, and get stoked, because next month, it’s your turn.

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