I don’t know what it is, but when it comes to Scarlett Johansson‘s tattoos, they’re not just out of sight, out of mind for me — they’re out of sight, out of memory. Like, I completely forget that she has them. So when we get a style moment like the one she served at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday, May 23, when we get a fantastic view of her beautiful back piece, it’s like finding out all over again what a beautiful badass she is.

The Outset founder and award-winning actor, who’s looking especially blonde right now, walked the red carpet with husband Colin Jost and her Asteroid City costars Tom Hanks and Adrien Brody, as well as director Wes Anderson. She stood out among a sea of tuxedos, wearing a gorgeous David Yurman earrings and a pink, floor-length Prada gown made to look like a white bra was peeking out from the top of a strapless neckline.

Doing much more than peeking out was her back tattoo: a black and gray work of art that pairs a vine of flowers with a cute little lamb — though there’s nothing little about the piece itself. It takes up a large portion of her back. In fact, her dress starts mid-back, so we don’t even get to see the whole thing — that’s how much real estate it covers.

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