I’m extremely jealous of Saweetie. It’s not because of her closet full of cute clothes, access to a fire nail artist, or collection of rainbow-colored wigs  — okay, maybe the last two are bringing out the green-eyed monster. But what makes me the most envious is her birthday look. She embodied a mythical blue and purple fairy with a pearlescent, pastel manicure that was as whimsical as it was long. 

The Bay Area-based rapper celebrated her 30th birthday on July 2 and shared pictures of her look on Instagram on July 5. She wore a glittery top shaped like butterfly wings and paired it with a metallic skirt and tons of jewelry. The very first picture of her slideshow gives a clear look at these pearlescent talons, created by her go-to nail artist, Temeka Jackson

Jackson used a chrome pigment from Social Claws over a lavender Gel Bottle nail polish on long almond-shaped nails, which she noted on her own Instagram post showcasing the nail set. The pastel talons gleamed brighter than her shimmery top. Jackson added dimension to the manicure with blue foil flakes and iridescent sheets, which she placed seemingly at random on each nail. She gave the long nails texture with gilded 3D swirls drawn on each tip and colored with Daily Charme’s Mirror Gold Chrome Powder

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