Whenever I think of Saweetie, immediately I think of colorful hair and super long nails. Experimenting with different hairstyles, haircuts, and hair colors is like blinking for the Bay Area rapper, so I can never guess what look she has coming next. The “Icy Girl” rapper shocked me a little bit with her latest hairstyle, silky straight pitch-black hair with blunt bangs. 

Saweetie debuted her dark hair with a single photo posted on her Instagram Stories on April 26. Because she was holding her phone with a Pokémon-inspired stiletto manicure, most of her face from the eye-level downward was covered, but her bangs were clearly visible. Her blunt fringe stopped right above her eyebrows. The bangs were curved inward at the ends, which added some body and volume. If left completely straightened, those bangs would likely completely cover her eyebrows. 

Her straight black hair was swept behind her shoulders, so you can’t see how long it is in the photo below. She showed off its length in her other stories, but it was so long that the ends didn’t even fit within the frame. I expect nothing less given her love for ridiculously long hair. 

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