Saweetie looked gorgeous in an iridescent butterfly top with equally whimsical, long, pastel nails to celebrate her 30th birthday on July 2. (I loved the nails so much, I’m saving them for birthday inspiration of my own). It’s never too long before she’s entertaining me with a new beauty moment, of course, and right now I’m loving her most recent hairstyle, which reminds me of a chandelier. 

The rapper shared a few pictures of the new look on Instagram on July 9. Similar to her birthday fit, she wore a butterfly top — but this shirt was a bedazzled black-and-silver top from Area. Her butt-length hair was parted down the middle, and a small section on either side of the head was twisted and pinned towards the back. Her baby hairs were swooped and looped along her hairline.

About seven bedazzled chains fell toward her hips. In the video on the second slide, she turned around, giving a 360-degree look at the hair. You can see three chains on either side of her head plus one right down the middle where her part is. Her last photo shows a close-up of the hair. The chain had diamond- and circle-shaped gems throughout.

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