Saweetie also gave her fans a view of her look from the front in a second Instagram post. The very first photo featured the rapper seated in a car. You can see her messy half-up bun plus the curled side bangs that touched her jawline. 

In addition to her rainbow-printed hair, our eyes were also drawn in by her bright red stiletto manicure, which you can fully see on the second slide of the post, and the bubblegum pink rings. Together the two rings spelled out “Icy Girl,” with each word on either ring.  They matched the golden necklace and hoop earrings that displayed her name in the same bubblegum pink hue, and these weren’t the only noticeable accessories. Saweetie decided to have some fun with what looked like temporary tattoos on both forearms. These colorful tattoos depicted cats in various forms. 

Coachella doesn’t end until April 23, so there are still a few more days for celebrities to dress up. Knowing Saweetie, her next look will be as eye-catching as this one, and given her penchant for bright colors, we’re guessing this won’t be the only printed hair we see from her. 

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