There are only two days left in New York Fashion Week, and thus, two more days for celebrities to bring out some exciting style and beauty moments. As expected, Saweetie has been killing it with each new look, but our favorite hairstyle was her chunky rope twists that cascaded toward her hips. 

Saweetie shared her colorful two-piece outfit and pigtails in an Instagram post with the caption, “lil bae area bih” punctuated by a green heart emoji. In the first photo, the rapper looked down at the ground while walking, and her chunky twists fell forward over her shoulders. The fourth photo shows an even better view of these hip-grazing twists

Her hair was sectioned and slicked into four pigtails. Then, each pigtail was parted into two and twisted all the way down to the ends with a rubberband securing it. This wouldn’t be a Saweetie look with some laid edges; her baby hairs were gently swooped on either temple. 

Though her rope twists were the main character of this look, we also couldn’t help but notice her surprisingly short and seemingly bare nails. Saweetie is known for her extravagant sets that are usually long, colorful, and bedazzled to the max, so this mani is totally uncharacteristic of her. It’s hard to verify for sure, but at the most, it looks like there might be a light pink polish painted on her short tips.

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