There are two things we typically expect from Saweetie: a brightly-colored wig that flows to her derrière and blinged-out nails that are basically longer than a CVS receipt. So when we recently spotted the Bay Area rapper without her usual wig or talons, we had to do a double take to make sure it really was the Icy Grl captain. Quite honestly, we almost didn’t recognize her with the long wavy brown ponytails, short nails, and the cutest white hat covered in stuffed animals she wore to the 49ers versus Cowboys football game on Sunday, January 22.

The “Best Friend” rapper made sure to show us her game attire and beauty look from various angles, hence why she posted three different Instagram posts, including a video showing off her impressive throwing arm, the day after the game. The first post featured a sole close-up selfie of the star where she was throwing up a peace sign with pursed lips giving us flashbacks to the duck face era of the late 2000s. You can see the caramel brown hair tied into two ponytails plus hints of her super short manicure.

A few photos in the second post give a better view of Saweetie’s outfit and the length of these warm brown pigtails. The wavy ends of the pigtail fell well below her chest. Unfortunately, not one of these posts gave a clear view of her nails. They look cloudy in one picture and potentially shimmery in another, but what we do know for sure is that the nails are very short. 

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