Saweetie is nothing if not creative when it comes to both music and beauty. In addition to some of the most elaborate nail art we’re seeing these days, her hair never fails to impress, whether she’s wearing a literal hair bow, tinsel tendrils, or bold fantasy colors. But sometimes, the simplest styles make the biggest impact, like the one she’s wearing in her latest Instagram photos.

The rapper posted a carousel of pictures earlier this week in which she’s looking particularly glamorous. Although it’s decidedly fall weather right now in New York, where the photos were taken, Saweetie is dressed for a snow-bunny-style winter. But even if she was wearing a tank top and shorts, her current hair could probably keep her warm in colder weather.

“When I feel like it ????,” she wrote in the caption. It’s not entirely clear what it is she feels like doing, but she could very well be referring to wearing her hair super-long. You get only a glimpse of the length in most of the photos, but in the third — a mirror selfie that also reveals her uncharacteristically still-short nails — we can see that its flowing for feet with the loveliest loose waves.

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