Saweetie and her nail artist Temeka Jackson always come together to create some fire manicures — a few of my favorites from the past are her whimsical pastel talons with gold 3D decals and her teal stiletto tips adorned with jewels, Hello Kitty, and teddy bears. The duo’s creativity has even been honored by the Grammy Awards; one of he former manicures is currently on display as part of the Hip-Hop America: The Mixtape Exhibit at the Grammy Museum. 

On October 6, Saweetie and Jackson got to visit the exhibit before it officially opened to the public, and of course, the Bay Area-raised rapper had a whole new colorful set inspired by the cartoon character Betty Boop. Everything about these pointy nails screams Saweetie from the assortment of colors, the level sparkle, the length, and the 3D nail charms. Jackson added so many details here that it would be impossible to point out each one. 

On one hand, Jackson covered the ring finger with Betty Boop winking and left the pointy tip a blue hue adorned with a gem. She drew a smaller version of the character on the middle nail as well and added 3D floral and sparkly decals. For the other three nails, Jackson drew florals, butterflies, and abstract shapes on a shimmery teal and blue base, making each stiletto-shaped tip look completely unique. 

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