From March 3 to 5, hip-hop artists showed out for California’s 2023 Rolling Loud festival. Though we can’t recreate the performances for those who couldn’t attend, we can highlight some of our favorite onstage looks, including Saweetie‘s watermelon-hued hair that combines four popular hair color trends into one look. 

Saweetie loves inches upon inches of hair, so it’s not shocking that this multicolored look cascaded past her derrière. This style was a half-and-half dye job with one side a slime-green hue and the other a pink-to-platinum blonde ombré — at least that’s how it appeared while she was performing. 

Following her performances, the rapper shared two Instagram posts that showed the details of this Y2K hairstyle. One post was a short video that revealed the bright green side was full of shimmery hair tinsel. As she shook her head from side to side to show all the angles of her silky hair, the sparkly pieces gleamed throughout the length of the hair. 

The hair tinsel was noticeably absent from the other side. The roots were a neon hot pink that gradually faded into the platinum blonde hue around her temple area. About three-quarters down the length of the nearly white hair, you can spot a multicolored patch of blue and green hues, reminiscent of the hair painting trend

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