Saweetie is rude. No, hear me out for a second. How dare she keep posting gorgeous Instagram photos. My edges are too delicate to constantly be snatched like this. But clearly, she doesn’t care about my poor baby hairs based on her latest Instagram post in which she’s living her best life in a bathtub with the most perfect-looking hair. 

The “My Type” rapper posted an Instagram carousel full of photos featuring her in the tub with a glass of wine and tons of lavish emerald jewelry. Her blonde hair with dark brunette roots was piled onto the back of her head with a claw clip. Her lengthy side bangs fell in loose curls that grazed her collarbone. She had another curly tendril of hair on the other side. It’s rare to spot Saweetie without any slicked baby hairs, no matter how subtle. Her baby hairs were swooped simply on one side and looked glued in place. 

Of course, her makeup was just as glamorous as the photos themselves. Dark eye shadows were smoked out on her lid with a super sharp cat-eye that almost extended past her brow bone. Speaking of her brows, they were arched to perfection. And though you can’t see them clearly, her lashes were long and fluffy, a staple in almost any makeup look she has. 

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