When I was a tween, zig-zag parts were the hair trend to try for back to school season. There were even special infomercial tools designed solely for crafting the ultimate zigs and zags, though my wavy-haired self never had much success with them. While my youthful experimentations with the zig-zag part weren’t exactly photo-quality, Saweetie’s latest look definitely is.

The rapper took the zig-zag part out of the 2000s and into the office, posing with her hair styled in a curly updo with the aforementioned part as the central piece of her hairstyle. The front and sides of her hair are slicked down to better show off the lightning bolt-shaped part, which is so perfect it appears to have been done by someone with absolute laser focus on the task at hand. The rest of Saweetie’s hair has been curled and pinned at her crown for a bit of volume, with her baby hairs slicked down into cute little swoops. Whoever did this part deserves a place in the Hairstyling Hall of Fame, it’s that precise.

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