Sarah Jessica Parker and her onscreen alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw, are basically indistinguishable at this point. Parker has been playing the well-shod love and sex columnist Bradshaw for 25 years as of this very week and the star and her character will be forever linked not just because of their fondness for Manolo Blahniks, but their hairstyles too.

In season two of the HBO series, Bradshaw temporarily ditches her signature wild curls in favor of a straight blowout, in part to “fit in” with her new boyfriend Mr. Big and his Upper East Side social scene. At this point in the series, her hair is an eye-catching shade of bright blonde, though later in the series, we see her experiment with a warmer honey tone and a brunette ombré when she moves to Paris. Since the original series wrapped in 2004, both Parker and Bradshaw have stuck to a soft bronde balayage and loose waves, but new pics of Parker look like season two-era Bradshaw may be back in action for the next installment of And Just Like That.

Parker has been busy promoting the forthcoming new chapter of And Just Like That, the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking original series and her new book imprint, SJP Lit. (In the words of one of her movies, I Don’t Know How She Does It!) For a recent appearance on June 7, the actor re-imagined Bradshaw’s blowout for 2023, hitting the streets of her beloved NYC with her recently lightened blonde hair styled in the very same easygoing blown-out bends as Carrie circa 1999. She’s still got the lived-in rootiness she loves, but her hair looks quite a bit brighter all over than the SATC movies and the first season of And Just Like That, more aligned with early-SATC Bradshaw than grieving widow Mrs. John James Preston with her face-framing blonde highlights and chic touch of gray. For makeup, Parker stuck to her favorite subtly smoky gray eye and pink gloss.

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