When it comes to celebrities who really have their shit together, Salma Hayek, to me, is queen. She really does seem to have it all figured out, and I honestly can’t think of a total stranger I would trust more. In addition to being as outrageously gorgeous now as she’s ever been, she’s also financially set for life, beloved by millions (including herself — love that confidence), and regularly shares enlightening posts on social media that shine a light on meaningful topics or provide great advice. 

Her latest advice falls under the beauty umbrella, so of course, I’m paying attention. Hayek posted a few photos to her Instagram grid on Thursday, July 27, the first of which is a casual selfie seemingly taken in the car. She’s wearing hardly any makeup, and her Gucci sunglasses sit atop her naturally wavy hair. And there, in all their glory at her temple, are streaks of pale, silvery hair standing in stark contrast with her natural dark brown hue.

“Here is a tip to cover your white hair without dyeing it,” she wrote in the caption, followed by about a million periods to set up the suspense for the advice. And I have to admit, she lured me in. How does one cover white hair without dyeing it?

“Don’t wear your glasses on your hair!!!”

The second selfie shows Hayek, this time without her glasses pushing her hair back, letting her non-white hair fall over her grays and, yes, covering it. She followed up the cheeky advice with the ???? and ???? emojis, followed by, “Bring on the wisdom????.”

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