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If you find comfort in owning 12 pairs of blue jeans in near-identical washes, I see you because, for the better part of two decades, I was you. But, for me, this is the summer of streamlining: my home, my closet, my beauty cabinet… I want less that does more. So, you can imagine my delight upon discovering a makeup product that would sit squarely at the center of a Venn diagram comparing highlighter, blush, and bronzer: Saie Glow Sculpt.

For people who make their living from having a way with words, Allure editors (myself included) struggled to put their fingers on exactly how to characterize this glow-giving cream. Is it a pigmented highlighter? A highlighting blush? Though the jury’s still out on the best descriptor, we can say one thing for sure: For its ability to bring light and life to our faces in a single swipe, Saie Glow Sculpt is more than worthy of our coveted One to Watch seal. Below, everything you need to know about it — plus our unfiltered before and afters.

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Overview: Saie Glow Sculpt

It turns out I’m not the only proponent of maximal minimalism (as in, having fewer things that do more). Like all Saie products, Glow Sculpt was created in response to consumers’ demands. It’s why the brand is pronounced “say,” explains founder Laney Crowell: “You say it, we create it.”

“We have a private Facebook group with over 4,000 members,” continues Crowell. “And they had been asking us for a product that was multiuse.” But instead of just creating, say, a rosy balm that could be applied to eyes, cheeks, and lips, Crowell and her team focused on delivering the brand’s signature glow in new ways.

“We wanted to create a modern highlighter,” says Colleen Timpone, Saie’s vice president of product development. That meant the addition of tint and the absence of disco ball-like sparkle, she says.

If you’re a fan of the brand’s best-selling Glowy Super Gel, right about now you’re probably wondering how Glow Sculpt compares — and if you really need another highlighter. “Glowy Super Gel is a [liquid] product that you can use all over your face,” says Timpone. “It’s going to give you beautiful luminosity, almost like you just got a really beautiful facial.” Glow Sculpt, however, is a cream meant for targeted application. The formula imparts more sheen than Glowy Super Gel, but — to Timpone’s point — is decidedly un-disco-y. The real difference between the two products, though, is the tint.

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