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Welcome to May, Sagittarius. Last month, Mercury went retrograde, causing communication mishaps and travel delays. Whether it’s in your relationships, at work, or both, Sag, you’re feeling like a boss lately and, as a result, have little patience for tardiness. Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, goes retrograde in Aquarius and your 3rd House of Communication on Monday, May 1. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, meaning it represents transformation. And, Sagittarius, when it goes retrograde in your 3rd House of Communication, it calls you out for being a bit too harsh. You’re the sign of knowledge, adventure, and expansion, but you can shoot your signature arrows at anyone who fails to meet your high standards. So, if you’ve lashed out at friends lately over small stuff, take a moment to check yourself. Work on practicing patience and being more understanding. Your relationships will flourish for your efforts. 

If you’ve been feeling on edge, Sag, it’s likely because you aren’t getting enough rest. Friday, May 5, brings a full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your 12th House of the Unconcious. This made for stressful vibes, especially with the influence of intense Scorpio. You’ll feel frayed around this time like butter spread too thin. Rechange with all your favorite dorky self-care rituals because we know you have them, Sag. Try unique relaxation methods to keep your curious mind occupied (and calm), such as a sound bath or lucid dreaming. When lovely Venus enters caring Cancer on Sunday, May 7, the stars double down on their self-love orders. If you’ve lashed out at friends or lovers, it’s just because you need rest. So, feel free to blame your astrologer if you need to cancel any social obligations around this time. 

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Due to your charisma and constant quest for knowledge, you can become quite busy, Sag. However, your general May theme is to catch up on rest so you can be the best version of yourself. When your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, enters Taurus and your 6th House of Health on Tuesday, May 16, you’re further inspired to find joy in calming yet creative ways. Remember, astrologers aren’t doctors. When we talk about your House of Health, we just want you to enjoy wellness routines, whether you’re having fun with eye makeup or leveling up your skincare rituals. The new moon, which represents fresh stars, on Friday, May 19, is an ideal night for wearing makeup that’s as bold and daring as you are.  

While most of May is about staying in and self-care, the last few transits of the month see you out and about with friends. When warrior Mars enters Leo and your 9th House of Philosophy on Saturday, May 20, you may engage in intellectual debates around then. Enjoy it, but remember to make sure that your words aren’t too cutting, Sag. However, it seems that rather than push anyone away, thanks to all of your self-care, you’re growing closer with someone. When flirty Gemini season begins on Sunday, May 21, your theme is partnership. If you’re dating someone, expect the intimacy (and hot sex) to skyrocket. If you’re single or not interested in dating, remember that platonic relationships are just as meaningful (if not more) than sexual ones. Gemini season is the perfect time to reconnect with your best friend and enjoy some wild nights out. Have fun, Sag; remember to sneak in rest, and see you next month. 

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