Now, don’t hate us for saying this, but enough about you. When Mercury, the messenger of the gods, enters your sign, Sagittarius, on Thursday, November 9, you’re challenged with listening rather than talking. Don’t worry. Once the sun enters your sign, you can totally hog the spotlight, but we’re still in contemplative Scorpio season, and a friend could use your advice. As the sign of adventure and higher learning (which, no, doesn’t have to mean that you’re an academic, although archers do excel in this area), people are always interested in your hot take. However, not everyone is as good at being assertive as you are. So use this transit to reach out to check in on your loved ones. Someone could use your ear right now. 

You know that thing you’re afraid of—the one that’s probably an unnecessary concern? It’s time to drop it, babe.

And when Monday, November 13, brings a new moon in transformative Scorpio, the stars have one last task for you to complete before it’s your birthday (you’re allowed to celebrate all season long). You know that thing you’re afraid of, that’s also a totally unnecessary concern? It’s time to drop it. It’s taking up too much of your time and energy and, frankly, is a distraction from what really matters. So whether you prefer journaling, talking it out with friends, or working with a therapist, this lunation is ideal for shadow work — or turning inward to make friends with your demons. 

Then, finally, on Wednesday, November 22, the sun enters your sign, Sagittarius. Happy solar return! The final weekend of the month begs you to celebrate, so if you are doing something for Thanksgiving, try to carve out some Sag time, too. First, on Friday, November 24, the warrior Mars enters your sign, Sagittarius. This energy is loud and celebratory — and great for your sex life. If you’re dating or partnered, try to sneak away from any family obligations and get some sexy time in. If you’re single, asexual, or taking a break, rest assured that this transit is fantastic for revelry of any kind. Then, the weekend is bookended by a full moon in popular Gemini and your 7th House of Partnership on Monday, November 27, which points to making memories involving just the right amount of debauchery. So have fun, Sagittarius, and we’ll see you next month as the celebrations continue. 

Important dates in November 2023:

Saturday, November 4: Saturn goes direct in Pisces
Wednesday, November 8: Venus enters Libra
Thursday, November 9: Mercury enters Sagittarius
Monday, November 13: New moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, November 22: Sun enters Sagittarius 
Friday, November 24: Mars enters Sagittarius
Monday, November 27: Full moon in Gemini

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