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Welcome to March, Sagittarius. At the end of February, you were feeling your creative side, whether that saw you playing an instrument or kinky games in the bedroom. You may have the lust locked down, but when Mercury enters Pisces and your 4th House of Home and Family on Thursday, March 2, you realize you can have the love, too. And, when Tuesday, March 7, brings a full moon in organized and caring Virgo, you’re reminded that when things are calm on the homefront, the rest of your life becomes more manageable. Full moons mark culminations, which don’t need to be events but can be our own acceptance and realizations. Your lesson this lunation is to drop the drama. 

This theme continues on Tuesday, March 7, when Saturn enters Pisces (after three years in Aquarius) and your 4th House of Home and Family. In the next few years, you may settle into a new home and develop a deeper relationship, whether you’re moving in with a family member, roommates, or a partner. Whatever changes happen on the homefront is good news, even if a change is scary. Sweet Venus enters Taurus and your 6th House of Health on Thursday, March 16. Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that you are sick. Instead, it means that your home is becoming a healthy, beautiful, welcoming place of existence. In astrology, when we talk about health, it’s not anything scary but a reminder of the power you have over your own well-being through wellness (and vanity, there’s nothing wrong with that). And anytime Venus stations in your 6th House of Health, it’s also an ideal time to play with different makeup looks or adopt a new skincare routine

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But enough about the comfy joys of home. Let’s talk about passion because I know most of you fiery Sags clicked this to learn about your personal life. When Mercury enters Aries and your 5th House of Pleasure on Saturday, March 18, you can communicate your needs surrounding sex without shame. Remember, for many, that includes sexual cravings, taking a break is equally valid. Some Sags need bondage; others need to embrace asexuality. As a sign associated with independence, all that really matters is that you listen to your gut and stay true to yourself. 

When Aries season begins on Monday, March 20, which also marks the Spring Equinox and the start of the astrological new year, if you want an excuse to throw a party (don’t forget to buy flowers, the Spring Equinox is all about life and abundance), you’ll feel celebratory. You’re glad that the sun is now in a fellow fire sign that can match your intensity. In particular, a night to circle is Tuesday, March 21, which brings a new moon in Aries and your 5th House of Pleasure. This lunation sees you acting out that fantasy you spoke of or tapping into your inner archer and shooting arrows (metaphorically speaking) at party invites so you can stay in and away from people. And finally, the month ends with Pluto entering Aquarius and your 3rd House of Communication on Thursday, March 23. This is crucial to mention because Pluto only changes signs once a generation. For you, Sag, the next chapter of your life sees you building some of the healthiest relationships through the power of words. Your confidence grew, and with it, so did your ability to stand up for yourself and your skills as an orator. See you next month.

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