Sadie Sink’s copper waves have a fanbase all their own. Throughout Sink’s ascension — from her turn as Max, giving us one of the most memorable Stranger Things scenes ever, to red carpet princess, to roles in award-winning projects The Whale and Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” — her red lengths have served (and served), lending to memorable beauty moments on and offscreen. So when hairstylist Tommy Buckett was asked to chop Sink’s mane for a forthcoming role, he was a bit unsure about the public’s reaction.

 “When I was doing it, I was thinking that people are either gonna love me or absolutely hate me,” Buckett told Vogue. Of course, the answer is love — Sink’s new floppy, shaggy mullet, which pulls influence from the ’70s, ’90s, and more, is a refreshing rockabilly fever dream, and fans are responding accordingly. Ahead of the cut, Sink supplied references from the ’90s, centering androgyny and a slicked-back appeal, along with allusions to David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

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Jane Fonda was known in the 1970s for cutting all of her hair off in Klute, and it was kind of a shaggy mullet, but I really liked the idea of ’90s reference to Winona Rider in the front, where you can kind of flip it around and flop it back and it’s kind of like a cool longer pixie,” said Buckett, who opted to meld the two — along with extra It girl inspo via model Freja Beha Erichsen — for a more mutable mullet. “You can just kind of throw it around back and forth; it can be styled any way you want, but it really looks good back off your face with a little height and with the sides kicking out,” he told Vogue

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