Rosario Dawson has been short-hair royalty for a while, her length stopping well above the shoulders for nearly a year now. And in February, she underwent the ultimate crop and got the cutest pixie cut you ever did see. This is the look she’s been sporting at recent entertainment-industry events, but today, at London’s Star Wars Celebration, the actor revealed the antithesis of a pixie.

Promoting her new Mandalorian spin-off miniseries, Ahsoka, Dawson arrived for a panel decked out in a dark blue velvet suit, the front of which was largely blanketed by her new hairstyle: stunningly beautiful braids. But not just any braids — braids that extend past the hem of her jacket and hit mid-thigh. 

In a braid-flipping Boomerang recently uploaded to Dawson’s Instagram grid, the actor tagged the same stylist who did her pixie cut, Zoe Verdejo (aka The Hair Witch), though she says she’s responsible only for the braid maintenance, not the original installation. 

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