Rita Ora is one of the great celebrity shapeshifters, always changing up her look for photoshoots, performances and music videos, and her latest look blends elements of Beyoncé, the Bride of Frankenstein, and Jane Fonda as Barbarella all at once.

Ora shared a series of snapshots by photographer Erik Melvin from the set of the music video for her forthcoming single, “You Only Love Me,” in which she wears a vintage Yves Saint Laurent wedding gown from 1987 complete with a full veil. The dress is stunning, of course, but it’s Ora’s beauty look that I’m really into.

Let’s start with her honey blonde beehive updo, reminiscent of the iconic Bride of Frankenstein thanks to the towering height, plus the Fembots of Austin Powers fame and Barbarella’s vampy bouffant, not to mention Queen Bey in the “Why Don’t You Love Me” video. Her bangs are curled around her brows and pinned with a sweet black bow for a retro vibe. It’s striking on its own, but especially fun when paired with the tulle veil, which connects to the tulle at the bodice of the strapless gown for an umbrella effect, as though Ora is enveloped in a cloud of mist.

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