By now, we’re all in on the joke that Rihanna fans want a new album from the superstar more than they want new makeup, new fragrances, or new lingerie. But even the most music-starved Rihanna enthusiast has to be in tears of joy over the new baby. The singer and entrepreneur gave the world a look at her recently expanded family, posing for photos with A$AP Rocky, 16-month-old son RZA, and newborn son Riot Rose. But as adorable as the new arrival is, we’re already distracted something else: Rihanna’s incredible hair.

Sure, we’ve been waiting over a month to get a glimpse of little Riot, but if the Fenty Beauty founder wanted us to focus on his itty-bitty button nose, tiny Timberlands, and pastel pink ‘fit, perhaps she shouldn’t have worn what might be the most voluminous, curly ponytail we’ve ever seen. 

Rihanna is wearing shiny, dark blue leggings, a hooded denim jacket, and layers of gold necklaces, but it’s nearly impossible to take your eyes off of the tower of spiraling hair spilling over like a fountain from the top of her gorgeous head. And speaking of eyes, she might be able to see out of only her left eye, as one textured tendril has decided to stay firmly planted in front of her right eye.


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