Back in 2022, we thought Rihanna was officially done with long nails after spotting her with a few short sets, including the surprisingly very minimalist French tips she had for her Super Bowl announcement. Our predictions were clearly premature: She’s had plenty of longer sets this season, including her recent take on the trendy milky manicure

We’ve seen milk bath manicures on everyone from Lizzo to Jennifer Lopez to Kendall Jenner in recent years. And now Rihanna is the latest celebrity we can add to that list: She shared her new nails in a photo campaign for Fenty Skin’s newest launch, the Cherry Dub Superfine Daily Cleansing Face Scrub, on June 6. In the first photo, the star’s face is full of the peach-hued face scrub with a few of her nails in the frame. The next few photos show a clear shot of the square-shaped tips as she cleanses her face. 

The long nails had a light white hue that was not opaque chalk white or sheer enough to look like her natural nails. It’s that in-between color that looks like watered-down milk — hence, the name “milky” or “milk bath” manicure.

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