Rico Nasty‘s Monster Energy Outbreak Tour officially commences on April 16, and she’s already making us excited for the avant-garde beauty looks to come. The “Sugar Trap” rapper has never been scared to experiment with hair or makeup, whether that be in the form of a spiky black mullet, red cross makeup that covers her entire face, or grey hair with pink accents. So when she posted selfies of herself on April 9 with copper waves, graphic eyeliner in place of eyebrows, and a black-and-blue ombré lip, we instantly foresaw that her upcoming tour looks will be epic. 

Rico posted two photos of her red hair and edgy makeup on Instagram. In the first photo, she is seen with bright red waves that just barely grazed her shoulders. Her textured, short hair looked mostly unstyled as if she just woke up and ran her hands through it before leaving the house. 

Los Angeles-based makeup artist Selena Ruiz painted her face with this edgy look. She “erased” Rico’s eyebrows, likely with some glue and concealer. Then, where Rico’s brows would normally be, Ruiz drew sharp angled lines to create an abstract geometric shape.

Rico’s eyelashes were so long, the tips of her lashes touched her graphic brows; we swear if she blinked too quickly, she would flutter away. Even the bottom lashes were practically covering most of her undereye area. Ruiz paired these bold brows and lashes with an ombré lip. She lined Rico’s lips with a black pigment and filled in the rest with a teal hue that appeared to have a metallic finish to it. 

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