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It’s April, Sagittarius. Here comes luxurious Taurus season, a chaotic eclipse, and yes, a Mercury retrograde. March saw you communicating about your needs, especially surrounding sex, and perhaps exploring fantasies and kinks, either solo, with a sex toy, or partner. You’re one of the most independent signs of the zodiac, dear archer, so here’s your friendly reminder that you don’t need anyone but yourself to experience pleasure. 

Even if you are dating or in a relationship, it’s still crucial that you carve out alone time. Your ruling planet is expansive Jupiter, and Sagittariuses need space to continue your lifelong quest for knowledge, whether that’s enjoying a hobby, such as playing an instrument or learning a language other than your native tongue. You’re reminded of this on Monday, April 3, when Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, enters Taurus and your 6th House of Health. In astrology, when we talk about your house of health, it’s no reason to worry about illness but a gentle reminder to prioritize wellness routines, such as a solid skincare regimen or setting boundaries to allocate for your much-needed alone time. 

However, one night this month that is best spent with others is Wednesday, April 5, which brings a full moon in Libra, the sign of partnership, and your 11th House of Friendship. As you may have noticed by now, astrologers sometimes advise riding out full moons alone, as they can lead to petty fights or drama. However, if you are experiencing full moon angst, it’s in the form of loneliness, but there’s an easy solution. Make plans for a peaceful night in with your best friend or partner around this time. While you might not be in the mood for all-nighters or ragers during the first half of April, you are craving companionship. This continues to ring true when sweet Venus enters talkative Gemini and your 7th House of Partnership on Monday, April 10, so go ahead and make plans now with those closest to you. 

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While the first half of April is quiet, the latter half asks some tough questions, Sag. Have you been putting off making necessary changes in your love life? Wednesday, April 19, brings a new moon and solar eclipse in Aries and your 5th House of Pleasure. Eclipses are gorgeous but powerful cosmic occurrences that, in astrology, tend to lead to swift change. If you’ve been procrastinating ending a toxic relationship, or putting off a define-the-relationship talk in a healthy new one, this eclipse might go ahead and make decisions for you. As a fire sign, you like to be in control, so take care of emotional housekeeping, especially in any romances, before the eclipse. 

Taurus season begins on Thursday, April 20Taurus is a luxurious earth sign ruled by romantic Venus. Any tension you experience during the eclipse will mellow out during Taurus season, and you should find yourself settling into comfortable routines, regardless of your relationship status. Taurus is all about the senses, so this is an ideal time to work on your sleep schedule, experiment with wearing different fragrances or anything else that makes you feel good. Your body is a temple, and Taurus season reminds you of that. The only fly in the ointment is that Mercury retrograde begins on Friday, April 21. But don’t worry Sag. You’re strong enough to handle another one of the communication planet’s backward dances; just stay strong if you feel any sudden urges to text an ex. Your path is forward, so keep going, archer. See you next month.   

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