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Welcome to April, Aquarius. Due to a messy eclipse and the start of Mercury retrograde, April potentially presents some communication barriers, but if you play your cards right, it just might be one of the most romantic months of the year for you. At the end of March, the transformative planet Pluto entered your sign in a once-in-a-generation transit, promoting the start of a new cycle that leads to a healthier version of yourself. But, it won’t be easy, and April demonstrates the challenges that you’ll face. 

On Monday, April 3, Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, enters Taurus and your 4th House of Home and Family. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, because you’ve probably heard this before, you have a reputation for trying to save the world, but not making time to text back those closest to you. With the communication planet transiting into in cozy Taurus and your 4th House, the cosmic message is clear: make time for your people. The healthier your personal relationships and home life are, the better you’ll feel. With a solid foundation that friends and family (chosen or blood) provide, you’ll be much better at helping humanity. So, while some other signs are advised to spend the full moon in Libra on Wednesday, April 5, alone, to avoid potential drama, your best move is to enjoy the beautiful bright full moon taking it easy with your best friend, partner, or family. 

The stars reward you if you do so. On Monday, April 10, Venus, the planet of love, enters social Gemini and your 5th House of Pleasure. Yes, this indeed indicates hot sex (have you seen our list of fantasies and kinks worth exploring?), but if you’re not dating, asexual, or interested in other avenues of pleasure, it could also mean the joy of sharing laughter with friends. 

Spending quality time with loved ones early in the month is crucial because, in the second half of April, you are faced with two challenges that may test some relationships. The first occurs on Wednesday, April 19, which brings a new moon and solar eclipse in Aries and your 3rd House of Communication. Eclipses are cosmic wildcards. They can bring swift change and often drama. They can leave everyone feeling anxious and are not the best time to have big conversations, whether you’re asking for a raise or discussing the status of a romantic relationship. But don’t worry. There’s an easy way to avoid any eclipse drama. If someone tries to have a stressful conversation with you, say politely, “I’m kind of on edge right now, it might be the eclipse, plus we’re in the pre-shadow of Mercury retrograde. You mean the world to me. Can we table this for now so I can give it the attention it deserves when I’m feeling better?” The great thing about astrology is that you can always blame the stars. Becoming better at communication doesn’t mean that you have to be available constantly, but it does require honesty. 

Taurus season begins on Thursday, April 20. Taurus is a sensual and luxurious earth sign ruled by Venus, the ruler of money, love, and beauty. There are many jokes to be made about it starting on 4/20, and it does tend to be a chill season. Use this to your advantage. During Taurus season, focus on mindfulness and being present in your relationships, but try to wait until Mercury retrograde ends (Sunday, May 14) to have any life-changing conversations. The communication planet begins its backward dance and presents you with your second challenge on Friday, April 21. That’s when Mercury goes officially goes retrograde in Taurus and your 4th House of Home and Family. It’s okay to press pause, whenever possible, on define-the-relationship talks, but you must be present, available, and sure to text back your loved ones (but please, not your ex). You’ve got this, Aquarius. See you next month. 

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