It is a wonderful time to be a fan of women rappers right now. It feels like every time I go on social media, I’m introduced to a new artist. On TikTok alone, the number of women rappers who have had viral hits speaks for itself. One of those rappers is Georgia-born Kali.

You can’t escape hearing snippets of her song “Area Codes” on TikTok (and the full version is even better), but today I’m not focused on her rap skills. I’m currently enamored with her latest hairstyle: a jet-black lace frontal wig with big waves. 

Now a jet-black unit with a middle part and voluminous curls isn’t exactly the most unique style. However, what makes this one so exciting is that it’s Kali’s first wig and was installed over her 16-year-old locs. She blessed her Instagram fans with not one but two posts showing off her new hair. 

The first post was a short clip of the rapper showing off her new set of inches, which were installed and styled by Atlanta-based hairstylist BeetByDrek. He gave her a middle part and big juicy curls that cascaded towards Kali’s waist, with baby hairs that swoop into place on her forehead. This unit is the epitome of “what lace” because that hairline looks impeccable. 

What makes it even better was seeing Kali’s huge smile and joy at her new hairstyle. And if you’re worried that her locs will be disappearing anytime soon, don’t. She reassured fans in the comments that she was trying out a new look. “Y’all my locs aren’t going anywhere just trying something new for the first time,” she wrote on the post. 

Though her voluminous curls were the main event here, my eyes were also drawn to the pink on her nails and her eyelashes. Her jelly-pink nails were a long square shape. At the outer corners of her fluttery lash extensions, you can see the tiniest pink accents, but it’s hard to make out exactly what they are. Regardless, I’m into them. 

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